Concrete Rehab

XIT Paving specializes in street, sidewalk, driveway, storm drainage & parking lot repairs and has the crews to perform all types of concrete rehab.  Concrete rehab is removing and replacing existing concrete.  It can be small sections or an entire road that needs a little help getting back to working order.  Most cities have rehab contracts to patrol the streets and parking lots. Most of them are annual contracts where 1 contractor will repair concrete spots all over the city for a whole year or until the city’s budget is spent.  

XIT Paving also handles concrete paving projects where a city will remove and replace a whole section of road. Some of those projects can be 1-2 miles long. Those are the times we use our slipform paving machine where we can pour a street full width. We are able to be more productive and can pour much larger quantities using a paving machine. We can pave 10′-34′ wide with our paving machines. All concrete typically has a life span of 30 years.  We also do new construction, when new concrete is placed in areas without existing pavement.

We do projects throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.  We have several on-going projects with different municipalities and private developers/owners. Our concrete rehab projects range from $20,000 to $2,000,000.  XIT would like the opportunity to take care of your concrete needs.

We can do just about any concrete job, large or small. Whether it’s a small parking lot, or a long stretch of road. Call us today at 972-351-9906!

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