Storm drain contractors install underground pipes to redirect rainwater flow away from areas that are prone to flooding. Interstate systems, residential communities and commercial/retail developments all require storm water runoff systems in place to avoid disasters. These systems are essential for eliminating storm water runoff that accumulates on ground surfaces such as streets, parking lots, and sidewalks.

Storm water drainage systems are created using inlets that are positioned along sidewalks, curbs, and streets. These inlets then redirect runoff to underground pipes and are not connected to sewer pipelines. The runoff water is then released into a pond, river, or the ocean. Improperly built storm drains could leak toxic contaminants into these bodies of water. It’s a matter of public health that these drainage systems are built by experts.

It’s crucial to work with experienced storm drain contractors. XIT Paving has adequate insurance, licenses, certifications, and permits required by the State. XIT has 35+ years installing storm drainage systems in Texas. We strive to complete jobs on time and within budget.

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